Sunday, March 26, 2017

For Sam and Corrie on Their Wedding Day

There are in our lives those plans. The ones knit for ourselves with furrowed brow. Willfully wound from wishes and worries and wonder.

Pondered and pearled and looped to perfection. However, completely impractical for the people we have become when finally put into practice. Delicate dreams, so easily snagged and shredded by the slightest snare.

And so we snatch at the fray, fumbling and forcing our fantasies back into their original form no matter how ill-fitting we may now find them. Because they are ours. Of our own design. The way it “should” be.

So for a time, we pinch and preen and pursue yet more alterations, rather than pursuing the alternative. A joy that fits.

A grand design of which we are a part. In which our longings become a part of something larger and our imperfections and failings become beautiful when matched with another’s under the craftsmanship of a master.

An over/under configuration that allows us to not only be lifted up, but to support the other, bound together in a beauty we could have never devised ourselves.

And when we do surrender the “shoulds” that appear to fit so well on everyone else and embrace the beauty of our just “being” what and who and with whom we belong.

We find comfort. In a love and a life laced together in a pattern all its own. Complemented with creativity and care and consideration. Artfully and authentically, custom crafted to carry one another in a joy that fits.