Friday, October 9, 2020

Behind the Back of the Back of My Backyard

Today I went wandering...

Winding way away
Beyond the eastern boundary of our not-so-big burg 
Behind the back of the back of my backyard
On a gaunt twoway tract of Texas tamed by blacktop over bridges and byways
Under cornflower skies clouded with cotton, so wide they reach beyond the corners of the mind’s eyes to the afternoons of childhoods past where they filter through lenses of reminiscence amplifying the azure to a sharpness that pierces the heart with want for all of the promise once promised
Impaled by that point, bleeding bygones over bridges past bales and barns where cattle and cactus and cottonwoods cross paths with cemeteries and new construction and antiquity scantily secured by the rusting rails of what remains
With wounds inflicted by wishing, but not necessarily needing, nursed for no reason other than the harassment of hindsight all of the way to an apparent nowhere

Out past the prior passages ventured to for a view of anything other than the day to day of pandemic perimeters imposed by our present predicament
Finally, filling my lungs with a refreshing that afforded the opportunity to turn back to where I belonged
Wayfaring a backtracked route through that wild tangle of what once was and now is and one day soon shall be, lined up all along the asphalt that divided its direction with nothing more than a thinly dotted line that can be crossed over, so easily sending one off in the wrong direction
Beyond the eastern boundary of our our not-so-big burg 
Behind the back of the back of my backyard

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