Saturday, November 7, 2020



(Archived 2018 and published for this Election Day announcement because the dawn was inevitable)

Hope provides a pressing forward. A progression. A pursuit. The result of looking beyond that dimmed horizon with our hearts to the coming dawn…which is inevitable.

In our despair, we fall back, dragging deeper into darkness, fueled by fears fed with what-ifs, finding ourselves further still from that place where we finally see the light. A pointless position where we’re somehow persuaded to take up residence. Ruling out any possibility of the very real rays just beyond the ridge.

But no one can stop the sun from shining. Prevent it from pouring forth, casting out shadows. It can merely be obscured, as we’re shielded with clouded considerations and foggy forgone conclusions. Lies we’ve let linger in an attempt to prolong the night so we might hide from the whole truth and our parts in it just a bit longer. But the sundown cannot sustain. Nor should it. For the shade is always shifting.

So, by all means, mourn.

But do not surrender hope, just because it is asked of you. Or easier. Or lost. No!

Seek it out! Snatch it back! And soldier on! Holding it tight, like a torch, leading us into that impending tomorrow filled with a radiance that cannot be rescinded.

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