Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Because We Can't Have Everything...

They say you can’t have everything. And it’s true. It would all be just too much to carry. Too many possessions and people and places and possibilities. Too many ideas and dreams and memories…and feelings.

And so some of them must be missed. Or lost. Or left behind. Forever.

Oh, sure, at some point, there was the possibility of that “other life." The one composed of all of the choices not chosen. The one we occasionally convince ourselves is somehow magically still out there lingering in the lament, going forward without us. The lie we foolishly long for when things aren't quite going our way. Just like Brigadoon in the mist, it appears just like clockwork when our inner widgets and workings are wound too tightly with discontent.

The one we convince ourselves we see oh, so clearly as we look through the rose colored lenses of our 20/20 hindsight. While it is in fact, only shoddily slapped together "if only”s with the flaws and weaknesses shrouded by a faint cloud of regret. Smoke and mirrors! A parlor trick played by a petulant past attempting to steal today. A master illusion so beguiling, should we be drawn-in too deep, we could  lose our way unable to see through the pale, to all that comprises the present-day.

Today. This today. The unexpected one of minor miracles and beauties from sorrows, with laughter and loss and love.

The one that is real. That is absolutely dependable to change without notice. That can both scare and surprise us. And leave us breathless on both accounts.

The one to be tasted and touched and completely taken in. The one of which there should not be one more second wasted.

Because we can’t have everything…and everything we do have, will be over before we know it.

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