Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Deep Sand Facial

Has the current climate of our country left you feeling less than relaxed?

Are you finding your regular spa treatments are no longer hiding you away from the harsh world at hand?

Looking to just bow out until this all blows over?

Then perhaps it’s time to do what millions of others have and give the newest offering in mineral therapies a try…The Deep Sand Facial.

Rather than attempting to open your pores or even your mind, The Deep Sand Facial allows you to keep them all completely closed.

Free from any artificial ingredients, our sand is 100% natural and irritant free. You won’t find a single disagreeable grain as you exfoliate your fears and feelings. And each treatment is specially formulated with your own personal sensitivities and stigmas in mind.

More than just a surface scrub, The Deep Sand Facial is a completely immersive experience.
Skin treatment not just for your face, but your whole head!

Each session starts with the digging of your own handcrafted hole. Custom created to slip your crown right in. Tailor-made to the specifications of your temples.

Soothing your senses as you submerge your nose, lips and chin, completely sinking into the sand clear up to your shoulders. Because surface sand just isn’t enough. It doesn’t provide a complete cutoff from the matters at hand. We find that only the deepest sand can give you the fullest effects of ignoring our present problems and lulling yourself with a false sense of security.

No need to detox, when you can just avoid it all.
Dramatic results in a matter of minutes.
Anti-aging too! No more need to worry about the slipping sands of time because once we completely cover your cranium, we can guarantee you won’t be getting any older.

Choose from: 
The Mohave Manhole
The Beachfront Burrow
The Deep Dune Divot
Or our newest offering...The Strip Mine Silt Shaft

If you’re pressed for time try our Quicksand Quagmire allowing you to completely slip under in a matter of minutes.

So stop in today and let our sandman make your dream a reality and work wonders for your outlook on life…by giving yourself the facial that allows you to not face any of it!

* Upfront payment required at time of booking.
* Gratuity included on all gravel based and burial therapies.
* The Deep Sand Facial is a trademarked service of Complete Surrender Spa

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