Thursday, January 26, 2017


Today is a day for day drinking. Coffee.

I typically don’t drink coffee after 3PM. Especially alone. And most certainly not during the week.

But, this week has been extremely sobering. And I just need to take a quick break to feel comforted and warm all over. If only for a moment.

To hide. Alone in the darkness…in liquid form. Knowing full well that once it is downed, I will rise again, wide awake, unable to go to sleep. Both literally and figuratively.

I just want to embrace something certain and fair, or at the very least, fair trade.

To numb my tongue to all of the ugly utterances, unhelpful once unleashed, with a scalding cup of caffeinated clarity.

To drink up every last drop as I percolate with purpose. Just a short stop to simply regroup and refresh and recharge.

Americano first! And then a return to the reality at hand.

Our nation’s stunted growth. Not from too much coffee, but too little compassion. A long brewed bitterness covered with artificial sweetness that provides no nourishment.

A slow drip of self-centered sludge. Rendered through trickle down assurances that I matter. And only I matter. Not that “other.” The one without quite as much cream to their complexion.

And it’s ready made and available to be slurped up with the satisfaction that whatever I think or feel or perceive is truth. Because the facts apparently come decaffeinated. They’ve lost their zing. We have alternatives now and I can order my truth completely fact free!

All whipped up with a lot of hot air. Unscrupulously stirred to a state of delirium in a constant crusade for justification…rather than justice. Rightness over righteousness.

And should anyone find themselves burned by their recent order. So readily served up and swallowed down…just get on with the gulping! Searing your insides right through to your soul.

Because you can’t send it back. And you can’t stop. Because someone might see that you’ve stopped. And at this point it’s all about saving face. Saving self. Selfishness.

The slow drip of self-centered sludge. Rendered through trickle down assurances that I matter. And only I matter.

For the love of God, wake up and smell the coffee!

It’s a constant cycle. Of emptiness. Filled with more emptiness. Demanding to be filled with…more emptiness! A bottomless cup that promises to save, but will cost us all in the long run. Even those of us who didn’t order it!

All for the sake of ego.

A very sobering thought.

So I made myself a cup of coffee. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon. All alone. On a weekday.

Because I just need a quick break. From all of it. If only for a moment.

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