Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Focus On The Floor

Back in the day, it appears, “the weaker sex” thought a lot about their floors. As Madison Avenue ad men not so subtly pointed out, it was a woman’s prime preoccupation…aside from what to make for dinner and which beer to serve after she burned it. Whether it was no wax, hardwood, linoleum, tile or carpet, the print world placed a priority on pushing products to keep women focused on their floors . 

And I get it. The floor gives you a firm foundation. If it goes, although you may have a leg to stand on, you won’t have anywhere for that leg to stand. But I noticed that none of the products paraded across the pages of past periodicals offered up anything to strengthen that floor. They were all about keeping it clean and the cosmetic covering of whatever was beneath.

It was all about appearances and disguising any unpleasantries. Dealing with every spot or speck as it crept to the surface of the carpet, rather than addressing the core cause below. Very similar to the way the modern world expects its women to care for their other floors. The pelvic ones.

Just watch the nightly news or prime time and you’ll see there’s a pill or a pad to cover every problem. You can also keep it all buffed and waxed and fresh as a Summer’s Eve. When you look good, you feel good right? But appearances can be deceiving and that firm foundation may not be as solid as it once stood.

Wait, my pelvis has a floor? Yes, yes it does and it holds everything up, just like the one in your living room. Imagine if your living room floor started to sag. Your furniture, fixtures and television all sliding towards the middle of the room. Sure they would still work, but they wouldn’t be as comfortable or function the way they should. You could use wedges and blocks to try to make everything appear level. Buy extension cords for all of the things that can no longer reach their outlets. Stock up on extra napkins and paper towels for all of the spills that will occur. Or, you could shore up that floor!

Your pelvic floor is a series of tissues, including muscles, that support your bladder, rectum, uterus and vagina. Without strong support, these four major components don’t function to their full potential, thus all of those pills and pads and perfumes. Not only has strengthening the pelvic floor been shown to improve overall core strength and address incontinence…it can also improve your sexual wellbeing!

And no major workouts necessary, although they can assist in strength building. The Kegels are the key! Some of these exercises (yes, click on the word exercises and an expert will tell you what to do) can be done on your commute, while you’re brushing your teeth or even reading a blog post, without anyone even knowing. So what have you got to lose ladies, other than the appearance of everything being okay? What if you could gain the reality? What if all it took was focusing on your floor?

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